The Next Great Web Filter

Time to cry information overload – again!

how we've filtered the web

how we've filtered the web....what's next?

Way back, in the early days of the Internet, there was lots of excitement about all the information available online.  Organizations quickly learned that having a website was a requirement to operate a successful business, and people began turning to the Web for most of their information needs.  As websites  multiplied, people struggled with how to make sense of it all, sort through it, find what was most valuable to them.  An exciting new communication channel soon blossomed into information overload with no effective filters.

Enter search engines.  Google, Yahoo, AOL rose to fast prominence by giving people a way to navigate through the morass of websites and find what they wanted quickly.  Then SEO, blogging, and content marketing were born, and smart marketers started feeding the search engines to get them to point people their way.  It started with link buying and swapping, then moved to a content creation craze.  Now, instead of website overloading, we’re inundated with “7 Lessons Learned” “10 Best Ways to…”, “6 Tips for…” headlines intended to lure people and links.  An exciting new search marketing field soon blossomed into content overload with no effective filters.

Enter social media.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ all rose to fast prominence by connecting people, establishing online relationships, and giving people a way to chat and share information.  Now, in addition to search engines navigating and giving meaning to web content, friend recommendations are helping people to filter and discern what’s worth paying attention to.  But what happens when you gather 500+ friends and you’re following their lives, their interests, their shared links?  An exciting new communication channel soon blossoms into information overload with no effective filters.  Hmmm…sound familiar?

Enter… what’s next?  I don’t know about you, but I’m now yearning for the next great filter that will save me from drowning in all my social media activity.  Too much information.  Too much wasted time.  What new technology is going to help me navigate through all the social clutter and find my way to meaning – and still leave me time to live my life?

What are your thoughts?

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