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Have you heard these terms and questioned what they can do for you? Do you suspect your competitors are leveraging the latest trends while you’re still sitting on the fence? Are you skeptical? Overwhelmed? Wondering if it’s just a lot of hype? You’ve come to the right place. As a professional search engine marketing agency, we can help you get started, get educated, and get results. We’ll work hard to understand your business, your industry, and your customers’ needs, and we’ll work closely with you to make sure you’re as involved as you want to be. It’s our job to stay ahead of the Internet Marketing curve, but we’ll educate you as we go and de-mystify the process for you. Our clients are our partners.

While we can’t categorically claim that Internet Marketing tactics will work for any organization of any kind and any size, we’re pretty convinced we can:

  1. help your target audience find your website
  2. convince qualified searchers to visit your website
  3. help you engage effectively with bloggers and social networking
  4. measure the results of your search engine marketing efforts
  5. continually improve your marketing effectiveness
You can get started for free! With our Free SEO Report, we’ll take stock of your website and provide an initial analysis of what the search engine spiders are seeing on your site and whether they’re encountering any problems. We’ll examine your site’s Title and Meta tags and evaluate their search engine effectiveness. We’ll measure your link popularity and compare it with your competitors. We’ll measure the relevancy of some initial keyword choices to your existing page content to see how well they’re matched. We’ll use all these initial findings to educate you on what search engine marketing services mean in the context of your website and business, and we’ll recommend an Internet Marketing strategy that’s specific to your business and website needs. Then, with your agreement, we’ll get started.
Please fill out our Contact Us form and we’d be happy to send you a price quote for our services.
We have worked cooperatively with many website designers, developers, copywriters, graphic artists and other web professionals and we’re very skilled at understanding the differing perspectives and talents involved in making a website successful. We’ve been applauded for our skill and sensitivities in collaborating with our clients’ current web providers and for communicating effectively between clients and partners of various skills and backgrounds. When required, we are happy to recommend a web developer or needed web expert from our own network of partners.
Most of our clients are employing a mix of Internet and “offline” marketing activities. We work with clients to understand what tactics you’re using currently and what traditional marketing methods have worked well for you. We then design an Internet Marketing strategy that builds on your strengths, references and promotes your other marketing activities, and suggests how your website can be used to reach your overall marketing goals.

If you want more information or have any questions, please contact us.